Racist Michigan Rhymes

Rhymes collected from Michigan State Normal College students in 1914-1915.

Eenie, meeny, miny, mo;
Catch a nigger by the toe;
When he hollers, make him pay
Fifty dollars every day

Chink, chink, Chinaman,
How much are your geese?
Chink, chink, Chinaman,
Fifty cents apiece.
Chink, chink, Chinaman,
That’s too dear.
Chink, chink, Chinaman,
You get out of here.

Did you ever, ever, ever,
In your life, life, life,
See a nigger, nigger, nigger,
Kiss his wife, wife, wife?

I know something I won’t tell,
Three little niggers in a peanut-shell;
One was black, one was blacker,
One was the color of chawin’ tobacker.

Nigger, nigger, never die;
Teapot nose and china eye;
Kinky hair and crooked toes,
That’s the way the nigger goes.

Red, white and blue;
Your mother is a Jew;
Your father is a Dago;
So are you.

SOURCE: Gardner, E. 1918. Some Counting-out Rhymes in Michigan. The Journal of American Folklore 31(122): 521-536.


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