Hollywood Roundup XXI

quantico-s02e01 quantico-s02e01-1Quantico S01E01: Afropean US president and European wife, European and Afropean male kissing, multiple muscled European male upper chest nudity, one East Asian male (not as muscled), one muscled Afropean male, one muscled Euro-Latino male, Euro-Latino male lusts after Afropean female.

Superstore S02E01: Afropean male in wheelchair plans to sex an European female six times but only six times so as to teach her a lesson in transgender acceptance (oversexed Afro stereotype).

MacGyver S01E01 (2016): Heterosexualized Nordic male (sexes Nordic female, upper chest nudity, flirts with girlfriend), 3 shouting Arab males with guns … shot dead, Eurasian female with European surname, East Asian male baddie, token Afropean male sidekick to Nordic male, Euro male dated Euro female, Chinese ex-military baddie plans to detonate biological weapon to kill millions in San Francisco, Chinese baddie is blown to bits, Afropean sidekick lusts after European female (i.e Afropean male is heterosexualized but subordinate to Nordic male aka Nordic = alpha male, Afropean = beta male).

high-maintenence-s01e01High Maintenance S01E01: Effeminate African male, muscular Afropean male with Latina girlfriend who breaks up with him.

Designated Survivor S01E02: Eurasian female with European male partner, Arabs and ‘Asian’ Indians profiled in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing.


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