Hollywood Roundup XX

Suite Life of Zach and Cody (2005-2007) – Paris Tilton’s (Brenda Song) boyfriend is Hebrewpean lifeguard Lance Fishman (played by Hebrewpean Aaron Musicant).

Bonanza S01E09: Little Joe lusts after Native girl princess Sarah, elderly Ben Carwright beats up a younger Englishman in a fist fight (transl: Europeans become superior when Americanized), S02E34: drunken, elderly, Euro-American male Mr. Hill (Sam Hill’s father) while trying to impress a prostitute, insinuates that on his travels to ‘the Orient’ he met a Polynesian/Melanesian princess who vigorously sexed him.

Without a Trace S01E13: Afropean male Chet Collins was married to an Asian female and his son was kidnapped. There is an Afropean-East Asian child adoption issue where European males kidnap Afropean-East Asian children to sell them for adoption to Afropean-East couples. Two Afropean male-East Asian female couples are shown even though such pairing are extremely rare.

Star Trek (2009): Indian male Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) is killed by aliens (dead token – no character development), newly appointed captain George Kirk sacrifices himself to save his spaceship even though seconds before his wife gave birth (the brave, logical, self-sacrificing European saviour), James Kirk (played by a Hebrewpean) as a pre-adolescent child drives a car off a cliff just for an adrenaline rush (the free, rebellious, independent-minded, not afraid of danger or consequences European male), even the half (European) human/Vulcan male Spock is independent and not afraid of consequences when he spurns acceptance to the Vulcan Science Academy, Kirk wants to sex an Afropean female and picks a fight with three European males and one East Asian male over said Afropean (sexually suave, proud, self assured, violent European masculinity), Kirk is said to be very intelligent, Kirk sexes green female alien with scenes of upper chest nudity (sexually potent and confident European male), Afropean female catches Kirk in an affair yet is only playfully disgusted with him (non-European females and even alien ones, desperately desire European penis), token chinks and niggers scattered throughout movie to give the illusion that the future will be equitable to everyone inclusive of aliens, even when sick, Kirk tries to pick up females, Afro-Latina Uhura kisses and comforts Spock, Kirk violently challenges Captain Spock’s authority (independent European male motif), European and European/Vulcan males save Earth from destruction. Hebrew affirmative action: Chris Pine, Leonard Nimoy, Anton Yelchin, Winona Ryder, Jacob Kogan, J. Abrams (dir), Alex Kurtzman (prod), Damon Lindelof (prod).

Bull S01E01: Alyssa Yang sexes homosexual European male (Brandon Peters), she ends up dead on a beach. Brandon’s girlfriend is Hebrewpean but he’s in a relationship with her Hebrewpean father. Jason Bull (name implies sexual proficiency and unbridled strength) is a cocky, intelligent European male PhD psychologist previously married to a Latina, homosexual Afropean male stylist, Alyssa was a straight A student (model minority) and drug dealer (beware those sneaky chinks). Steven Spielberg (executive producer), S01E02: Dr. Bull has 3 psychology PhDs, East Asian female Mary was married to European Ken Fowler who was having an affair with a Nordic female (notice that East Asian female trend).


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