Hollywood Roundup XIX

Guilt S01E06: Irish male sexes Irish female in last episode, European male upper chest nudity [x2], Irish male and female sex, European female seduces an European male, English prince sexes Irish female, S01E08: Afropean male with European female girlfriend, Eurasian male (actor has an European father and Chinese mother), S01E09: Token East Asian male, East Asian female, Indian female, Afropean female and Afropean male jurors, S01E10: European male recalls that he sexed an European female, English male sexes Irish female, ‘Indian’ female finds out her father is European, Afropean female was sexually involved with Irish female.

Dark Matter S02E07: Effeminate European male was scheduled to go on a date with an East Asian female, S02E08: In an alternate reality, Eurasian female and Nordic female are romantically involved with the same European male, S02E09: East Asian prince finally heterosexualized with Afropean female to offset the whoring of an Eurasian female

Mr. Robot S02E02: European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, nude buttocks, sexing European female), Afropean male and European female have sex, S02E04: cross-dressing Chinese minister, European male and female have sex, European female snuggles up to European boyfriend, Latino male dies, S02E06: three Chinese baddies, S02E07: European male and female have kinky sex with European male upper chest nudity, S02E08: European female on a date with Afropean male, European male upper chest nudity, S02E10: European male refers to the Chinese as “chinks” after the Congo is supposedly being being sold to China (the so-called Chinese economic imperialism of African resources).

Superstore S01E01: Cocky, fun-loving, considerate, heterosexualized Hebrewpean male who wants to date a Latina and has an European female lusting after him, sassy Afropean male, hyper-effeminate homosexual Filipino male, Eurasian female (Japanese mother) is pregnant for an unattractive European hick male, S01E02: Continuing heterosexualization of Hebrewpean male (makes out with blond European female, goes to her apartment for sex), Hawaiian female Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi) sexes retarded, balding European male, S01E03: Afropean male says he’s dating a female, S01E04: Latina claims to be married but flirts with Hebrewpean male, S01E07: Latina is married to an European male, S01E08: South Asian male going to marry European male.

Criminal Minds S04E05: Afropean heterosexualization (flirts with Afropean female, said to have had multiple sex partners), S04E06: East Asian male pathologist, S04E09: four females offer their phone number to Afropean male, S04E13: female African medical doctor, Roma/Sinti families that kill parents and abduct girls for marriage.


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