Hollywood Roundup XVIII

KatanaSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009): Katana (no speaking lines thus no character development thus no credits) is easily beaten by a kick from Batman (stereotype 1: Europeans are better at martial arts than East Asians). Hiro or the Toyman [Calvin Tran] is a Japanese (lives in Japan) genius (stereotype 2: East Asians are super intelligent) childish behaving boy (stereotype 3: East Asians as infantile, not fully developed like Europeans) who is into toys! (stereotype 4: East Asian males don’t like sports, they like programming and robots since these are impersonal) who worshiped Superman (stereotype 5: East Asian males want to idealize European masculinity) and is a pervert who used x-ray glasses to sneak a peek at Power Girl’s breasts [Allison Mack] (stereotype 6: East Asian males, even at 13, are sexual perverts). CTRanHe is trying hard to be Americanized (stereotype 7) and his “Que Pasa?” becomes “Que Pasta?”. When Batman and Superman are flying over Japan (Mt. Fuji in the background), we see a delivery man with the rising sun on the back of his shirt (stereotype 8: East Asians are ethnocentric). Batman saves the Earth (not America alone!) from a kryponite meteor (the Euro saviour motif). Token sidekick superhero Black Lightning [LeVar Burton]. Multiple upper chest nudity for Euro males (usual normative sexualizing of Europeans).

Guilt S01E01: European male and female have sex, token Afropean female, Afro and Euro detective team, female Afropean prosecutor, same Euros sex again, European female sexes her European lecturer, English prince sexes an European female, Afropean female sexes European female, European male heterosexualization (upper chest nudity, implied sex) for multiple males, S01E02: Afropean prosecutor sexes European male detective but not his African male partner, detective recalls the multiple sexual partners of a married European lecturer, implied sex between European male and female, European female in a sex club going to have sex with an unseen male, sexy, violent Irish male, S01E03: European male upper chest nudity [x2], English prince with Afropean servant, impregnates Irish female, Afropean female and European female sex, S01E04: European male upper chest nudity, European detective sexes European female, S01E05: European male upper chest nudity [x3].

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016): European male impregnates European female, token African boys in an European fairytale where the European actors have Scottish accents, European male and female lovers, one of the token African boys grows up to be the chief adult bagger vance to an European female witch, female European dwarf sexually desires European human male, sexual tension between male and female European dwarves.

yogiAgatha Raisin (UK) S01E01: Homosexual naked Indian guru (Diljohn Singh), boyfriend to an European male, speaks French, European female says he is “hung like a hoover” (hyper-exotification with simultaneous feminization and masculinization), eurasianEurasian (Matt McCooey) plays a Chinese detective, European female hot on European male, idiotic, overweight, uncouth, African male detective, European male and female have sex, European female and another European female have sex, S01E02: African bishop with European wife, European female hot on Eurasian male.

New Blood (UK) S01E01: Hebrewpean director/creator. Opening sequence focuses on Anglo-Europeans and an Anglo-Afropean female in India, Indian male doctor gets killed, Iranian male police officer (played by an Italian?) aspires to be a detective, edgy, non-conformist rock music plays when focusing on a heterosexual blond Polish male bicycling to work, Afro male head detective, Polish male likes Iranian’s sister, S01E05: Chinese company underpaying employees and importing cheap product, S01E06: Actress Indira Varma plays yet another wife to a non-Indian male while sexing an African male.


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