Hollywood Roundup XIV

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009): Spiderman has two love interests, a Latina (Liz Allan) and a Nordic, Sha Shan Nguyen is dating European Flash Thompson, Korean male Ned Lee likes European Elizabeth Brant but is interrupted when asking her out on a date, morbidly obese and childish Chinese male Kenny Kong is dating Afropean Glory Grant, a Nordic female has an Afropean boyfriend.

trumanCSI Cyber S02E01: Latina (played by an Eurasian) and Afropean male get intimate in shower, S02E03: Afropean is very concerned so much so that he is in tears about anti-African racism … but is sexing a Latina, European male with Afropean wife, S02E05: East Asian female medical doctor with European surname (insinuated marriage to an European), S02E09: Afropean female with European boyfriend, female Afropean pathologist (utterly believable!), Thai restaurant is said to be a front for the “Thai mob”, S02E10: Latina had an European boyfriend.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (2015): Emotional, simplistic, male African bagger vance (Finn), violent, independent European female feminist (Rey), southeast Asian gang Kanjiklub (apparently Malays and Nihonji look alike) are referred to as “little freaks” by Hans Solo and they are then eaten by a creature, the First Order (an evil organization) is likened to the Nazis, token East Asian general.

Grimm S05E17: Elderly Japanese male is bound by tradition and family to commit revenge murder

Damien S01E06: European male kisses the Afropean sister of his dead Afropean girlfriend, S01E07: European male heterosexualization through upper sex nudity

London Has Fallen (2016): Movie’s premise is that there is a large scale attack on the heart of the Anglosphere (London city) by an Arab mastermind named Barkawi, Barkawi is  played by Alon Aboutboul, a Hebrew because Arabs are apparently extinct, movie is propaganda to continue slaughtering Arabs under the rubric of terrorism, Arab wedding with Hindu dressed individuals, drums and dance (Arabs and Indians interchangeable?), macho, athletic heterosexual European male, token Afropean general, token Afropean US Vice President, token East Asian female (no speaking lines but does get to look scared), Movie synopsis: US tries to bomb Barkawi and fails, Barkawi retaliates by hitting London (not New York or Washington, D.C) and then the US (not the UK) retaliates and successfully bombs Barkawi.

The Five (UK) S01E01: Token Afropean male detective and Afropean family, European male shows his abs, S01E02: flamboyant African male.

The Containment S01E01: Eurasian model-minority medical doctor (Dr. Cannerts i.e. insinuated European father though the actor in question has a Chinese father), infected Arab male patient (possible bio-terrorist), African male (police major) with Afropean girlfriend, stereotypical African male police chief, European female pregnant for African male, hetero-sexualized European male policeman (wife beater shirt, muscled arms), Afropean female once dated European male previously mentioned, European female is said to flirt with a married Afropean male, token Afropean female scientist/doctor, token East Asian male scientist/doctor, Afropean girl with European father, elderly Afropean male with European wife, S01E02: European male heterosexualization (uncovered biceps), Arab male has Nordic girlfriend without approval of his parents, S01E03: East Asian male reporter, European male heterosexualization (uncovered biceps) [x2], non-conformist Nordic male vs. conformist Afro male policeman, three violent European hick males, female Afropean, male South Asian and male East Asian doctors, S01E04: European male heterosexualization (uncovered biceps), Afropean female skilled in electronics.


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