Review: A Hundred-Year Marathon

100YRPillsbury, Michael. 2016. The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower. New York, USA: St. Martin’s Press.

This short point commentary only pertains to the book’s Introduction.

  • Claims that the Christmas tree is a symbol of Christianity [clearly I need to brush up on theological iconography]
  • Is alarmed that a book by two Chinese colonels recommends terrorism against the US [was he expecting an army of violent, sex starved pandas?]
  • Claims that “China experts” are “devoted to reducing misunderstanding between the US and China” [Have you ever heard of any China expert speaking about anti-Chinese stereotypes in the media because that would be an ideal place to start]
  • Claims that US policy since 1971 was “constructive engagement” to aid China’s rise [Like how the US with the UK constructively engaged Palestinians out of their land to give it to mongrel Euro-Samaritans?]
  • Is surprised that China “failed to meet nearly all of our rosy expectations” [Good for China]
  • Claims China resisted Afghanistan’s development [Is that why China is investing in Afghanistan?]
  • Claims that China’s geopolitical relations “contradict any peaceful or productive intentions of Beijing” [because the CCP is mentally diseased?]
  • Cannot understand why China does not pressure North Korea and Iran on their nuclear endeavors [but does not question US WMDs]
  • Claims China is a “Communist dictatorship” [as if US oligarch-democracy is so different]
  • Assumes that US styled so-called democracy is the only valid form
  • Claims that China is pushing a propaganda version of impending PRC collapse [because they are sneaky, of course]
  • Claims that the Chinese favor deception while the US favors transparency [Seriously!?]
  • Claims China wants revenge for the century of humiliation (foreign imperialism by the US, Japan and Europe) and wants to replace the US by the year 2049 [while we Third Worlders wish that were the case, sadly it isn’t]
  • Claims that the World Bank secretly aided China’s economic development [but nevertheless published their recommendations, freely available online in 1985]
  • Cannot be bothered to mention any US wrongdoing against China [because in his mind there aren’t any and that would be against his agenda]

This book is not recommended reading

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