Hollywood Roundup XIII

Damien S01E01: While non-Europeans have always been demonic in the mindset of Europeans, the false messiah is somehow European, Damien (aka false messiah) has a token Afropean girlfriend (ends up dead) and token Iranian sidekick.

Shadowhunters S01E08: European male upper chest nudity, S01E10: South Asian male warrior Raj, Latina-Arab female plays an European and sexes faerie Meliorn played by an Arab male, Euro male upper chest nudity, scantily clad East Asian female.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow S01E07: Afropean female kisses European male, S01E08: Episode on US European racism in a small town tries to distract from the innate racism of the serial, European female kisses Afropean male, Afropean female kisses European male.

The Shannara Chronicles S01E10: European male and female Elves have sex.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders S01E01: European female lies that an elderly Thai male is a ‘Peeping Tom’, token athletic Eurasian male (Daniel Henney playing Matthew Simmons) has four children, token technical Afropean male hacker (Tyler Williams), Royal Thai police as a patriarchal backward institution, Thai savage (metal rods through mouth) hunts the US Europeans, he brands and kills the male, hunts the females to assert ‘masculine dominance’ (of which he is deficient), episode is structured to systematically undermine Thai masculine culture through European femininity, S01E02: US Europeans and Afropeans party in India, Afropean male had his kidney illegally removed, female mafia boss specializes in selling body parts, European male has Afropean girlfriend, Indian racism against Dalits caused a Dalit male to kill for organs so that his father can be buried ‘whole’. This episode is about Indian racism against Dalits vs. supposed US egalitarianism.

Bates Motel S04E01: African male anesthesiologist and Afropean male homosexual psychiatrist (despite the probability, one must fulfill the minority quota).

The Magicians S01E07: Aryan/Dravidian sexes European female, S01E08: upper chest nudity Aryan/Dravidian male tries to seduce another European female, S01E10: Anglo-Indian female had an Euro male ex-boyfriend, S01E11: Anglo-Indian female sexes two European males.

Marvel’s Daredevil S01E04: European male (upper chest nudity) flirts with Latina bagger vance doctor who flirts back, S01E05: European and his bagger vance Latina kiss, S01E07: visibly afraid Yakuza killed by elderly sword wielding European male, European female with Afropean male boyfriend, Yakuza bring a “Black Sky” weapon to the US which is a young boy, S01E08: European male and female have sex, secretive, manipulative, elderly Chinese female baddie, S01E09: European Daredevil fights with a ninja, ninja gets burnt to death, S01E10: European male learns Punjabi for a girl, S01E11: overweight European male sexes European female, European male upper chest nudity, multiple Chinese workers blinded themselves to the yet unknown cause of Madame Gao, Gao while small, frail and limping, is deceptively strong and a master martial artist, complete with wise sayings, deceit and mystery, Afropean male journalist killed.

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands S01E08: Indian female sleeps with European male to save another European male from death.


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