Crime and Ethnicity II

A European race realist (Pierce 1997) claims that from calculations using the 1995 FBI Supplementary Homicide Report, that compared to Europeans, the propensity for homicide are:

  • ‘Asians’ 1.23 (i.e. 23% more likely)
  • ‘American Indians’ 1.50
  • ‘Hispanics’ 4.80
  • ‘Blacks’ 10.10

Using the Puzzanchera, Chamberlin & Kang (2012) data manipulator here:
and the 1990 U.S. census population stats (as the article was written in 1997), the following results. One notices something strange.

pierceThere is no data for ‘Hispanics’ per se as Puzzanchera, Chamberlin & Kang (2012) does not give data for ethnicity perhaps due to complexity in data presentation. One thus wonders where Pierce got this data. Check for yourself using the major states with ‘Hispanics’ i.e. Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Nevada. Anyways,

  1. ‘Asians’ are combined with ‘Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders’ thus the ‘Asian’ rate (excluding ‘Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders’) would be < 1.096 and not 1.23
  2. The ‘African’ rate is 7.52 not 10.10
  3. The ‘American Indian’ rate is 1.88 not 1.50

So what gives? Notice how he culls the data: He says:

This supplementary report contains data from those states which break down their crime reports into White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian categories. This is important, because many states lump Whites and Hispanics together in the “White” category, so that what such states report as “White” crime is actually White and Hispanic crime. I’ve taken the data just from those states which break down their crime reports into White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian in order to be able to make the most accurate and meaningful comparisons between White crime and non-White crime.

So Pierce uses data from some U.S. states but then applies it to the entire country for he says:

What these data show is that in 1995 Asians in the United States committed murders at a rate 1.23 times the White rate.

Quite a poor method for a guy with a PhD in physics. Since the data sources does not allow for the separation of Hispanic ethnicity into a ‘racial’ group, Pierce does seem to be right in that Latinos were/are being categorized with Europeans (and perhaps other groups also) in crimes and this makes for skewed data. This has been termed ‘Hispanic Inflation‘.

So how can we find the actual European homicide rate? We can’t with the available data format but we can normalize the data for increase accuracy. To this end, data for the top five ‘Hispanic’ states (CA, TX, NY, IL, AZ) are removed resulting in a reduction of 61% of the 2010 US Hispanic population from the data set [Data for FL is unavailable for 2010].

The untouched data for 2010 is shown below.

data1The total 2010 homicide per ‘race’ for the 5 states is calculated.

data2The total ‘race’ population of the 5 states (resulting in an inflated European alone group) and separating ‘Asians’ and ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ is calculated.

data3The normalized rates are found for separated groups [Norm = normalized, Hom = homicide, Pop = population].


  • Values in red are speculative i.e. they may be more accurate but do not reflect total US rates per ‘race’
  • Values for ‘Asians’ and ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ are inflated as the combined API value is used for each group but due to the small ‘Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians’ population, their ratio is subject to more skewing
  • ‘Asian’ includes those of Australoid ancestry (e.g. Indians, Malays) and ‘European’ includes Semites, Turks and Aryans.

Conclusion: Even after removing 61% of the ‘Hispanics’ from the ‘European’ group, ‘Asians’ are still less likely to commit homicides. However, the US ‘African’ population suffers from a ridiculously high homicide rate, even higher than for sex crimes.


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