Caribbean Sinophobia

The following is an email from November 2015.

China Going FULL Circle

The Chinese takeover from America and Britain as Prime Caricom Creditor has been coming for a while, but it is happening quietly and quickly now and accelerating in the Leeward and Windward Islands as well as in Jamaica.

China, just recently gave little Dominica a US$300m soft loan – with Antigua and other governments already awash and floating comfortably in the Chinese Western Fiscal Sea.

America is facing national bankruptcy and is on the verge of defaulting on internal and international debts … Their entire banking system is in a muddled and intertwined mess and facing imminent internal collapse.

Hence … must they now go to war to prevent disaster? And with who now – Syria? Iran? Russia? Somalia? Pakistan? Mali? China? The whole world’s watching and waiting with bated breath! Gotta grind up the old US War Machine with the Afghanistan “Adventure” about to end …

Money is really “no problem” for China – financially, they literally own the US government via a massive Accounts Receivable in outstanding tens of Trillions of US dollars in Treasury Bonds, Promissory Bank Notes and other Securities which is precisely how they pay the loans and gifts and give “aid” to the small islands, who must then redeem their small Chinese “pieces of paper” in Washington.

At this point, America has yet to refuse third party redemption – since, by world standards, the Caribbean amounts are small. But the bubble is quickly swelling dangerously and could soon burst. China has won this early transitory round without scarcely a shot being fired …


My reply to this spam.

  • China is not taking over any country, it is simply doing business
  • There is no Chinese Western Fiscal Sea
  • America is not facing bankruptcy, it is bankrupt and so are many other countries possibly including China
  • There may not necessarily be an imminent internal collapse, there may simply be a global economic reboot
  • If money was “no problem” for China, why are there millions of Chinese in poverty?
  • China does not literally own the US government. It owns about 1.3 trillion worth of IOUs. This is less than 8% of the annual American GNP
  • China does not give “aid” to small islands, it does proper business, very few strings attached
  • What small Chinese “pieces of paper” are redeemed in Washington?
  • China has won what exactly?

This piece is alarmist, incorrect and racist.

None of the 28 other people on the email responded.


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