AMREN 2014: Douglas Whitman

Douglas Whitman (PhD Entomology)
The Evolutionary and Biological Reality of Race
American Renaissance 2014

Whitman’s thesis: We can with high accuracy categorize people into races both visually and through software … thus races exist. Anyone who says otherwise is stupid.

It’s Nicholas Wade all over again.

Whitman uses two examples of how intuitive it is to categorize people into races.

wade 1wade 2Note how Whitman carefully selects only three human phenotypes to facilitate his confirmation bias.

Where would he place a brown Afropean? Or a pink Afropean? Or a dark brown Dravidian or Malay? Would he be able to visually categorize between a Southern Han and a brown Khoisan? What about a brown Aryan, a brown Arab, a brown Turk and a brown Latino? How does one scientifically determine where to lump and/or split?

But what of software? Is software not created by a coder who would input bias if he were looking for racial categories?


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