Hollywood Roundup XI

Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands S01E01: Nordic boy Beowulf kills a troll (inferred innate violent masculinity), token ‘African’ female, token Dravidian female blacksmith, other token African male and female troublemakers, Dravidian mother of blacksmith is a widow, Euro male sexually interested in blacksmith, Euro male and female sex, Euro male and Dravidian mother sex. S01E02: Opens with upper chest nudity for European hetero-masculinization, African warrior chief, Beowulf establishes European superiority by fighting and dominating an African male, good African sidekick warrior to European male.

Second Chance S01E01: Opening sequence focuses on a Euro male’s body suspended in a liquid, elderly Euro male (formerly a sheriff) pays a younger Nordic female for sex, elderly Euro male killed by an Afropean male but is re-birthed Frankenstein style (played by a Hebrewpean) and is re-coded as a strong, muscular, super-potent, ‘alpha male’ who finds the same younger Nordic female and sexes her, Indo-Aryan male and female siblings, the female longs for the re-birthed elderly Euro male while the male is a brilliant social recluse who interacts with the world through his sister.

The Last Kingdom S01E03: Euros have sex, S01E04: European male upper chest nudity and full rear nudity, S01E08: Euros have sex, male upper chest nudity.

Daredevil S01E01: Russian slave traders, US Afropean male slaver gets beaten bloody by blind European male superhero, obligatory ‘European fragility’ male heterosexualization through upper chest nudity, elderly female Chinese slave trader, Euro male protagonist masculinized through boxing practice, blind or blinded East Asian males and females used to pack illicit drugs, Chinese-Japanese-Russian alliance with ‘African-Americans’ to peril US Europeandom. Daredevil and another Euro male fight using martial arts.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man S01E01: In London, Chinese owned casino with elderly male owner and his daughter clad in red silk, Indian female detective, Arab male who owns a strip joint, African male on trial who wins because of his European female lawyer, Irish male protagonist meets a woman and they quickly sex, elderly Chinese casino owner is killed, European male dates Indian female detective.

The Shannara Chronicles S01E01: Masculinized European elf males, feminism: female wants to beat males in a violent contest, upper chest nudity, Euro male lusts after Afropean female who is with his European brother, he then goes after a Euro female, S01E03: Nordic elf-human protagonist male hetero-sexualization through upper chest nudity, S01E04: token East Asian male ‘helper’ elf is killed, elf-human Nordic male sexes human Euro female


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