Hollywood Roundup IX

NY Med S02E05: Korean female doctor marries an Indian male doctor

Mr. Robot S01E03: Non-European, ethnically ambiguous Anwar is a homosexual sexed by a Nordic male, S01E08: East Asian computer mobsters (contradictory double stereotypes) and a cross-dressing East Asian male.

Bates Motel S03E04: An East Asian male computer-savvy model-minority can’t break an encryption program but a weed smoking European male hippie is able to do so.

Lucifer S01E01: Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is a hyper-heterosexualized, metrosexual, English-accented, European male unable to keep wrinkles at bay but unable to die. His enemy, the archangel Amenadiel is played by an African male and a fellow demon is played by an Afropean female.

Extant S01E01: Female Afropean astronaut/PhD scientist, formerly married to an Afropean (conveniently deceased), now married to a European male engineer, European male hetero-sexualization by upper chest nudity, Yasumoto Corporation – the evil manipulative Japanese organization, Afropean female virtual sexing with a European male, hybrid Afropean/alien male sexes multiple European females, S02E04: Afropean female sexes an Afropean male and violently kisses an European male under alien influence, S02E05: Afropean female falls for another European male and was previously sexed by a European male in a bathroom stall, S02E09: In a flashback, Afropean male had an affair with a European female, S02E11: Afropean female is sexed by European male.

The Last Ship S01E01: East Asian male model-minority nerd, S01E02: Islamic terrorists.

Backstrom S01E06: European male with Chinese girlfriend, Chinatown as a place of murder, psychics, gambling dens, laundries and ‘Gaysians’ (homosexual European male says he likes a “little gaysian now and again”), S01E09: It is implied that three related European males have large penises.

Dark Matter S01E05: Eurasian female has sex with European male and then wants to do so again but is rebuffed, S01E07: Eurasian female sexes a European male even though she knows he previously sexed a ‘female’ robot.


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