Hollywood Roundup IV

Scrubs (S04E19): Hebrewpean male with Afropean girlfriend, elderly European male doctor states he sexed a Vietnamese female and has an Eurasian son named Trong Tri Kelso.

Law & Order SVU (S04E16): It is stated that a Chinese guard raped a Tibetan female prisoner.

The Pacifier (2005): Hyper-heterosexualized Afropean-Samoan male while a Korean man is kicked in the groin by a girl, has his penis assaulted by a duck and then beaten up by a European woman.

Hong Kong 97 (1994): European male kills multiple Chinese males even though his left hand is damaged from a bullet wound.

Loverboy (1989): European male sexes Japanese female Kyoko (Kim Miyori) who is unhappily married to another European male.

Supergirl (S01E01): Hebrewpean female goddess “Supergirl” (from the “House for El”) gawks sexually at Afropean male James Olson. East Asian female reporter. Nordic female boss with Afropean male, Indian male and two East Asian male assistants. Chief baddie is an European female who has an Indian male underling.


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