Full Metal Jacket (1962)

Director Stanley Kubrick (Hebrewpean).

Token mulattos, focus on European male military issues, first Vietnamese seen is a female whore who “luv you long time” and wants to “sucky sucky”, US Euro male soldier states: “half these gook whores are serving officers in the Vietcong, the other half got STDs”, the next Vietnamese is a male thief who farces martial arts, zipperhead, gook, gooks, mama-san’s legs, uses the term “blacks” for a mulatto officer, faceless Vietcong killed, faceless Vietcong prisoners, faceless Vietnamese civilians, gooks, faceless Vietnamese civilians, gook civilians, dead Vietnamese, gook, “inside every gook is an American trying to get out” (i.e. a gook is not an American),  jungle bunny, dead male Vietcong (who precipitates the terms zipperhead, gooks, commie bastards and slant eye), much focus on the wounding of one US European soldier, faceless Vietcong, faceless Vietcong killed, “we’ll let the gooks play the Indians”, long commentary on the death of two dead Europeans, token ‘Latino’, gooks, gookers (said by Afropean), gooks, commie males willingly pimping their females, #1 fuckee, sucker, “every thing you want long time”, “she love you good, boom boom long time”, “you black boys pack too much meat”, yella sista (Africanizing of a Vietnamese whore), fucking niggers (Kubrick uses the Vietnamese to inflate the Afropean penis then a European to debase them into niggerhood, European manhood still trumps African masculinity as Euro male takes a whore from an African), focus on injured European male, nigger, African male shot in slow motion, European male shot in slow motion, long focus on dying Euro male, slow motion death of a crazed female Vietcong, “no more boom boom for this baby-san” (Latino), gook.

Kubrick has time for Vietnamese prostitution and thievery but not for the daily lives of the Vietnamese, the point of view is clearly US-centric so Kubrick can’t claim he was making an anti-war film and just sprinkling racism to be realistic. Rather he is clearly anti-war but intent on sustaining US European war masculinity by emasculating Afropeans, Africans and ‘Latinos’ while pimping Vietnamese females and killing Vietnamese males. Look at the ethnic themes presented. First a feminized Vietnamese prostitute and the male Vietnamese who are more concerned about theft than a co-ethnic female whoring herself. Then there is the lone substantive scene with a dead Vietnamese male soldier. This is followed by the reinforcement of Vietnamese females as prostitutes complete with a male Vietnamese pimp. The whore is used to temporarily masculinize an African male by stating his penis is too big and she is not interested. Eager to be masculine, he displays his penis and she relents. Before he can penetrate the female to complete his masculine status, he is quickly deflated. Called a “nigger”, his masculinizing object is taken away by a taller more muscular European male but he (the African male) does not resist. The Latino is in the background and reduced to token irrelevance. The final scene employs a skilled Vietnamese sniper who is later shown to be a crazed female. The masculine killing role is now given to a Vietnamese female so as to feminize Vietnamese manhood. Notice the Eurocentric logic. Europeans are true males, Africans are fake males (or afforded temporary masculinity through Vietnamese femininity) and the Vietnamese (and other so-called East Asians) are essentially bisexuals. Africans are masculinized and are masculine to East Asians but still subservient to European masculinity. This is nothing new but a rehash of Fu Manchu-esque themes in a Vietnamese setting. It’s the patented use of the East Asian model minority feminization stereotype to temporarily masculinize Africans as violent criminals for the sustenance of supposedly normal European masculinity. It’s the patented use of the demonic Jap rapist vs. the stereotypical mammy who is thankful for any job. It’s playing off non-European ethnic groups against each other.


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