Hollywood Roundup III

Dig (S01E01): Hebrewpean masculinization (violence, subduing an Arab male with a gun), European masculinization (coitus, upper chest nudity, violence, brandishing a gun, pursued by Euro female, full rear view nudity), Zionist nationalism (Hebrewpean male calls Palestine “my country”), double tokenism (female African ambassador), promotion of Kaballahism and end-time dispensationalism paranoia.

Nymphomaniac Volume I (2013): European female nymphomaniac states that she sexed a number of males in both “the country of the big black cocks” and “the country of the small yellow cocks”. She is only shown sexing European males so her supposed experience is for what value to the viewer? It is to make explicit commentary of abnormal Africans and East Asians but with implicit commentary of the ‘normal’ sized penis, reserved of course, only for the European. She does not sample other non-European penises or care to share their size data with the viewer.

Nymphomaniac Volume II (2013): European nymphomaniac seeks out an African male who brings his brother-in-law along for sex. The camera emphasizes their oversized penises and this sex scene is explicit with one in her vagina and the other in her anus. The Africans start quarreling over feeling each other’s penis and the European female is left watching their antics. Homoerotic European voyeur at its finest.


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