Hollywood Roundup II

Life (S01E01): The persecuted, resilient European male, Afropean male medical doctor, European male heterosexualization, Latina maid, S01E02: Continued European male heterosexualization with Afropean female, S01E04: Continued European male heterosexualization with two European females and another European female.

Captured in Chinatown (1935): The Ling and Wong gangs have been killing each other for 200 years (inter-ethnic violence narrative), the dead are called “Chinamen” by the press (the Englandmen are perhaps lost in stupid-land), they are all dressed in ethnic gear (unlike early immigrant ‘Jews’ or Dutch apparently), ethnic music proliferates (conspicuously absent in other ethnic migrant movies) and the Chinese go back to killing when an Italian tries to steal the jade wedding necklace (inter-ethnic violence narrative).

The Man in the High Castle (S01E01): ‘Japs’ vs. ‘Nazis’, ‘yellow man’, sexualized, forward thinking, compassionate, artistic Hebrewpean male, feminized Japanese male (beaten by a European female half his size), vagina chasing Japanese male, first image is of the Japanese as martial artists, no anti-German words, Europeans fighting against the Nazis but all the Japanese are emperor worshippers, simplistic, highly improbable Japanese-German relationship, ‘slants’, Germans describe the Japanese as superstitious (beats Hitler’s search for Valhalla), a Japanese man asserts that the Japanese cannot hope to compete with German technology, the Japanese colonialists freely Iive and mingle with Europeans (why would they?), Afropeans as irrelevant to storyline, pro-US nationalist, no sense that the US Europeans did worse to the indigenous people, Germans have no accents, some Japanese (including a Filipino playing a Japanese) however, have issues learning English. Why would a colonial power learn the colonized language is not explained.

Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 (S01E01): Created by an Iranian female. European male James Van Der Beek is said to have a penis the size of a cucumber. East Asian female goes goo-goo over said European male. Multiple sexualization of European males (the first instance is in the initial 20 seconds of the episode). Token African male porter, accented, overweight Indian female receptionist, mulatto male, Afropean policewoman, male African child nerd and Turkish immigrant family.


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