Steven Spielberg speaks out against Hollywood racism

From Fallout Central:

LOS ANGELES — In an effort to fend off accusations of hypocrisy, film producer and director Steven Spielberg has spoken out against the systemic racism and racial discrimination of Hollywood.

Spielberg, who resigned in February from his role as advisor to the 2008 Beijing Olympics over the Chinese government’s role in the Darfur genocide, asked his colleagues, “How can we expect the Chinese government to do its part to end human rights abuses in Darfur, while we perpetuate racist stereotypes through our own diversity-negligent productions?”

“We must lead by example and do our part to eliminate our own human rights abuses here in Hollywood. It’s the logical next step to take,” Spielberg said from his Pacific Palisades home.

The critically-acclaimed director called on his colleagues to step up to the challenge: “As a modern component of American culture, we have a responsibility to eliminate the psychosocial causes of bigotry and genocide here at home.” He continued to lash out at what he called “limousine liberals” who adopt African children, call for Tibetan liberation, drive hybrid vehicles, yet do nothing to provide solutions to the systemic racism in their own multi-billion dollar industry.

Spielberg cited the marginalization of Asian-Americans in the media as an example of his industry’s human rights abuses, since it does not honor the right to fully participate in culture. “The trans-racial whitewashing of the recently-released movie 21 is the most egregious example of our industry’s human rights abuses,” Spielberg declared. “And to think that such blatant racism could occur in our industry in the 21st Century makes me ashamed to call the producers my colleagues!”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not we are personally racist,” Spielberg continued, “because by being a part of the marginalizing process or being apathetic to discriminatory casting, we have been condoning racist acts all along.”

Spielberg even went on to criticize Asian filmmakers who, instead of pursuing the distribution of their films for the American market, allowed their works to be re-shot with white actors. One example of such a film was The Departed which won four Oscars last year, while the original Hong Kong film upon which it was based Infernal Affairs received no theatrical release in the U.S. “Why do we keep throwing out the egg yolks, and replacing them with whites? Is our cultural cholesterol really that bad?”

The director has vowed to go on the offensive to stamp out systemic racism in the film and television industry. “I know that this is a multi-billion-dollar industry,” Spielberg said, “but it is immoral for us to continue to profit from such blatant institutional racism. We are no better than slave-owning antebellum plantation owners or Nazi slave profiteers.”

He then unveiled a controversial initiative to eliminate systemic racism at the source. Details of his initiative include:

  • Organization of sit-ins at limited casting calls
  • Economic sabotage of diversity-negligent films
  • Donation to youth-oriented, diversity-empowerment causes

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