Penile Anthropometry by Country

small_penisPenile length and girth variation by country, no analysis or guarantee (go to primary sources for yourself), HERE [updates pending]

More Chinese studies (in Chinese) HERE

Update 2013-07-13: A new self-reported study on US men has been published and the comments seem to indicate that some US men are not too happy about being judged by the size of their ‘jewels.’


One thought on “Penile Anthropometry by Country

  1. Actions speak louder than words or survey done by goofy, insecure, dead guys. This normal german guy’s unforgetable penis (or british, they don’t say) correlates with his right thumb. PLEASE SEE– YOUTUBE, ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY (minute 34:08), it’s the smallest, narrowest dic on the planet (Erect or flaccid). END OF STORY.

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