Sum Ting Wong IV

Parts I here, II here and III here


Girls of the White Orchid (1983): The supposedly true story of the Yakuza coercing European women to be their sex slaves, complete with attempted rape scene

Gleaming the Cube (1989): The East Asian male adopted brother of a European male is murdered and his East Asian girlfriend falls in love with the European brother

The Goddess of 1967: Rose Byrne plays a blind Australian girl who convinces an eccentric Japanese man to travel across the country with her in search of her father … the sex scene between the 2 characters is rendered as a site of ‘connection’, with Byrne ‘on top.’ Cross-cultural exchange and understanding is made to be heterosexually resolvable, but only through a reconfiguration of gender relations applied to a hierarchy of race [Khoo (2004)]

Green Berets: Viet Cong are portrayed as rapists with irrepressible sexual habits [Cho et al. (2001)]

Glee: Eurasian coach Tanaka wants to marry a European female who is herself in love with a married European male

Grey’s Anatomy: East Asian man’s European wife is pregnant and dying of cancer. She elects to deliver her baby and die.

Heroes: Japanese male likes Japanese female and she likes him back. However, he is a time-traveler and their romance can never be as she lives in feudal Japan and he in the present.

Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959): A Japanese architect has a brief affair with a French actress but they are both haunted by the effects of war in their respective countries


Cho, Cindy., Hsiao, James., Hsu, Andy., and Bea Wang. 2001. Yellow Myths on the Silver Screen. Westerners in Asia: War Narratives. [accessed: 2013-07-08].

Khoo. Olivia. 2004. The sacrificial Asian in Australian film. Real/Time 59: 15. [accessed: 2013-07-08].


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