Crime and Ethnicity I

Here is data for selected sex crimes by ethnicity in the USA. Ethnic groups include both male and female offenders. Numbers in red are the over-representation rates i.e. if the number is >>1.00, it indicates law breaking behavior.

  • Exp: expected rate per ethnic group [set at 1.00 or 100%], calculated as the 2010 ethnic group population / total US population x known ethnic offenders.
  • A rate of 2.43 means that a group is 2.43 times more likely to commit this crime

crimestatsAssuming that every ethnic group is equally likely to partake in any type of crime, ‘Africans’ are over-represented in all six sexual crime areas investigated whereas ‘Asians/Pacific Islanders’ (API) and ‘Americans’ (including Inuit) are more law abiding than expected.

The most law abiding group is ‘Asians/Pacific Islanders.’ Those in the ‘Euro/Semites’ group partake in crime almost at the expected rates for their population (1.00 +/- 0.1).

From the data and to make the starkest contrast, compared to APIs, ‘Africans’ are 8.6 times more likely to be forced fondling offenders, 15.2 times to be forced rape offenders, 17.4 times to be forced sodomy offenders, 19.4 times to be incest offenders, 11.7 times to be sexual assault [with an object] offenders and 12.8 times to be statutory rape offenders.

Clearly, something is very wrong in the U.S. African population and these numbers cannot be accounted for with simple claims of Eurocentric racism since other non-European groups do not share such high criminal propensity. The most charitable reason I can think of is Oscar Lewis’ culture of poverty thesis.

NOTE: Statistics for Latinos not provided in source data but this does not affect the above values.


4 thoughts on “Crime and Ethnicity I

  1. What’s “wrong” with Black people is STILL white people and their psychotic, irrational, deep-seated racism. This hasn’t changed since the at least the 1600’s! Hello! Try “Two-Faced Racism: Whites in the Backstage and Frontstage” by Leslie Houts Picca, Joe R. Feagin. These people STILL believe in the SAME mindless stereotypes white imbeciles made up out of thin air HUNDREDS of years ago and have the nerve to call themselves things like “intelligent”, “rational”, and “mature.” Consider that most blacks who commit crimes go to jail. Many whites who commit similar crimes do not go to jail. So these “crime statistics is really are really a specious argument for a “culture of pathology” anywhere but white “ghettos” where they pass destructive, antisocial, violent, sociopathic attitudes generation after generation, not evolving at all. The ONLY thing they’ve improved is finding ways to better hide their white supremacist attitudes – antisocial attitudes that affect EVERYTHING from day-to-day interactions to social policy. Their refusal to be responsible for with their racism represents a threat to my life.

    While numbers may SEEM dispassionate, they exist in a violent, gun-ridden, misogynistic, white supremacist society. Remember that. If you’re not troll peddling distorted white supremacist “black culture pathology” myths, you need to put statistics in the appropriate societal context. ::Eyeroll:: Stop being a statistical bigot. It’s not that hard to grasp.

    • Racism is one cause but not the main cause for Afropean sexual deviance. Using a ‘society persecutes me by its racism’ card does not absolve individual respect and responsibility. To reiterate, if racism was to blame, all non-Europeans would be (almost) equally affected. However, the data strongly shows otherwise so we can safely conclude that there is some degree of mental pathology involved. I cannot see how societal context accounts for incest x 19 of expected values.

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