Sum Ting Wong III

Parts I here and II here


Eat A Bowl of Tea: Eurasian playing an East Asian is able to be a gigolo for a European woman but is impotent with his Chinese wife.

Emmanuelle: Thai male has sex with a European female with multiple Thai onlookers watching as if this type of public act is natural.

Enemy of the State: Afropean male (Will Smith) takes off his clothes and an elderly Asian woman is ecstatic, even though her Asian husband is next to her.

Enter the Dragon: While the Afropean and European males are having a penile fest, Eurasian (Bruce Lee) playing an Asian is talking strategy with a Chinese female.

Face: Asian female is dating an Asian male, another Asian male rapes her and she gets pregnant, her boyfriend leaves her, she marries her rapist.

Fargo: East Asian male tries to get pity sex from a European female even though she is visibly pregnant. He tries to sit next to her but she refuses, he then tells her that he was married to Linda from school who died of leukemia. While crying, he says, “I so lonely.” This story is later revealed as a lie and he was actually stalking Linda and is now living with his parents.

Fast and Furious: Asian wife and son look fearfully at Asian husband/father as if he is violent, he ends up dead [broken neck].

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006): Yakuza male is jealous over his European girlfriend liking US European male Sean. He ends up dead and his masculine position as ‘Drift King’ is given to Sean.

Fast & Furious 6: Korean male romances a non-Asian female of unknown ethnicity (played by a Hebrew European) who formerly had the hots for a European male (played by an African European). Both the Korean and his lover eventually die.

Fatal Blade: When Aoki removes her clothing for Yakuza hitman Domoto to view her breasts, he does not flinch. Aoki wants him to kill the man responsible for her sister’s death and has offered herself to him but Domoto in stereotypical samurai homosexual eunuch fashion, placed honour above sexuality and watches Aoki as if she were a brick wall. Also, the head of the LA Yakuza (named Ryujin) has a blond European sex slave.

Five Gates to Hell: Vietcong rapists.

Flash Gordon (1936): Alien emperor Ming the Merciless puts European female in a trance in order to have his way with her.

FlashForward: Asian male and African female are about to be married but a vision would seem to indicate that the Asian male is to die.


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