FOX and East Asians

2001: US spy plane incident caused a host at nationally syndicated Fox News to call for the firing of Chinese employees of U.S. national weapons laboratories.

June 2002: Shaquille O’Neal threatens Yao Ming on “The Best Damned Sports Show” on the Fox SportsNet.

Dec 2002: O’Neal’s comments rebroadcasted on the Tony Bruno Morning Extravaganza with mocking of Yao Ming’s accent (Fox Sports Radio) followed by a call-in of anti-Chinese jokes with Bruno using: “No tickee, no wahsee.” Non-apology apology from O’Neal, none from FOX.

foxnewsscreenshot111407Nov 2007: Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective tries to become ‘Asian-like’ (see above) on FOX News ‘Hannity & Colmes’ segment on “Calling Rapist a Hispanic Angers Radio Station Exec.” No apology from Wheeler or FOX.

2011: Bob Oschack makes fun of East Asians on the “College Experiment” for FOX Sports. FOX apologized and pulled the entire program.

2012: Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports tweets about Jeremy Lin’s penis length. Non-apology apology from Whitlock, none from FOX. FOX Sports deleted all comments.


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