Feminine Desires

GROUPS: European males, European females, Arab sheikhs, European warrior males, American warrior, mythic European looking warrior,


From the books that interest women of the European persuasion, one may derive that they desire:

1. ROMANCE: with the occasional ménage à trois

But only with men of the European persuasion.


But only with men of the European persuasion.

3. SHIRTLESS WARRIOR MALES: with knives and swords

So they like dangerous, violent men. Well that rules out the stereotypical East and South Asian. But where are the dangerous stereotypical African men? Probably still on the plantation picking cotton.

4. EXCEPTIONAL ARAB MALES: who look like Europeans and are sheikhs (hell no joe shmoe!)

So that rules out 99.999% of Arab males.


The first picture is of an arbitrary European looking warrior (Khul the barbarian) from a mythical and mystical land, the second is a Guatemalan warrior. Notice how the American male has his face strategically minimized. Wouldn’t want to show an epicanthic fold and plummet sales would we? And unlike the former European-ish warrior, the Guatemalan doesn’t get to show skin, he is visually subsumed as a pleasure toy of the mestiza (Cassandra Gonzales), akin to a living dildo. But have a look at a larger version of the picture:

Source: joelysueburkhart.com

Notice the ethnic ‘Mayan’ background and then ask: why can’t the Mayan warrior find himself a Mayan woman? Why a mestiza from America and of distant Mayan ancestry? Exotification sells, especially for female characters (her grandmother was the child of a Spanish conquistador and a Mayan princess). The protagonist’s ancestry is an example of uni-directional miscegenation and the “Cherokee Princessmyth.

It gets worse. In another of the Bloodgate book series, the image of the Mayan warrior Tecun. Note the Europeanization of the eyes (dark brown becomes grey) to distract from the epicanthic fold. The image tries to be authentic by using a model with an epicanthic fold but then exoticizes and Europeanizes the eyes to make him different, exceptional and a more palatable mestizo for the European female gaze. This is also a process of Westernized masculinization as epicanthic eyes are viewed by Westerners as feminine.

Source: joelysueburkhart.com


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