Sum Ting Wong II

Part I here


The Cheat: Japanese male wants to sex a married European female. When she refuses he brands her as an object, for which he is almost lynch-mobbed.

Come See the Paradise: Japanese female instantly spurns a Japanese male’s invitation for dinner but is quickly interested in a European male, even kissing him on their first date.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: European female states: “See, I believe in the brotherhood of man. Last week I got fucked by an Oriental.”

The Conqueror: Mongol leader (in East Asian face) kills the father of a Tartar woman (in East Asian face) and marries her.

The Corrupter: Fukienese gang controlled prostitution of East Asian females.

Crash: Elderly East Asian couple are slave traders.

Cashmere Mafia: East Asian female dates an East Asian male using him to make her European ex-boyfriend jealous. While she is waiting for sex, he [East Asian] falls asleep from his demanding job … relationship ends.

Charmed: European witch likes an East Asian male. However, he is a ghost.

Daughter of the Dragon: Chinese male loves a woman who loves a European.

Double Happiness: East Asian woman has an arranged date with an East Asian doctor but is not interested. Rather she strikes up a romance with a European. Her East Asian male brother is dating an East Asian female but is disowned by his mother who thinks he is dating a European.

Desperate Housewives: Japanese businessman gropes the rear of a married Latina.

Dexter: East Asian male sexpot never actually gets to have … sex.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Chinese male immigrant falls in love with European girl but while she seems to like him, their love is not to be.


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