Sum Ting Wong I

The Sum Ting Wong stereotype: Heterosexual East Asian men in relationships (sexual, romantic, marriage) are problematic, something is always wrong i.e. sum ting wong. This is a mutated cousin of the unstable inter-ethnic relationship stereotype exemplified so well (and repeatedly) in the TV serial Elementary.


Alfie: After years of verbal abuse, an elderly East Asian man’s wife (also East Asian) leaves him and he cries. His attempts to woo her back are futile.

Angel: Elderly Chinese herbalist couple are actually demonic creatures in disguise.

All-American Girl: Stupid and simplistic Korean couple for comedic laughs.

The Ballad of Little Joe: The only way the couple could be together was for the European female to successfully dress as a man so as to fool the racist European males while uber-feminizing her East Asian male lover.

Belly of the Beast: Male boyfriend of a European female is shot dead.

Beyond Rangoon: Burmese rapist wants to sex a European female on the floor.

Bionic Woman: East Asian man marries European woman who is the bionic woman. He kills her to stop her killing spree.

The Bitter Tea of General Yen: Sadistic male, European female commits suicide.

Boarding Gate: Group of [Japanese] men drug and rape European female, said female is sexing a married East Asian man [adultery].

Book of Daniel: Male is the victim of his girlfriend’s European racist parents.

Bridge of Dragons: East Asian female’s parents were killed by her warmongering groom to be.

Bridge to the Sun: Perilous inter-racial marriage between a Japanese diplomat and his blond European wife.

Broken Blossoms: Male [in East Asian face] lusts after European female and is feminized by not acting on said lust. Another male [in East Asian face] also lusts after said female.

Brushfire: Vietcong rapists.

The Big Bang Theory: Korean male gives up his super model-minority status to have a European girlfriend and become a drug addict (stoner).

Bonanza: Chinese general states that Chinese female Sue Ling “belongs” to him, she is his “property.” The general and his henchmen are killed by the good European males of the Ponderosa.

Bones: Asian male named Chip sexes blond Euro female who is accidentally killed by another Euro female with a stapler. Male pimps out East Asian females at his business named “Elegant Escorts.”

Brimestone: East Asian male escapee from hell sacrifices virgin females but does not have sex with them. When assaulted with a kiss from a horny European female, he is revulsed and pushes her away.

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