Recommended Links II


The USA, a country founded on genocide, racism and slavery, puts on the moral cloak to lecture the 5,000 year old Chinese civilization on espionage and theft.


  • From your friend and mine (Glenn Beck): Homosexuals want to destroy (not reform) the institution of marriage through SSM

  • Inhuman: Undercover in America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry – NEW YORK

“Basically what the homosexual community has done is they’ve piggy-backed on the Civil Rights Movement in order to provide cover for themselves both legally and socially.”
The premise here is, ‘Two people love each other, it’s wrong to deny them marriage.” That’s dangerous. What if the two people who love each other happen to be father and son, or father and daughter?”

and …

“The principle right now is the Beatles theology, ‘All you need is love’.  What I’m saying right now is I’m more of the Tina Turner theology, ‘What’s love got to do with it?’’”





…. As a physicist, I have found that the soft sciences (biology, geology, meteorology) is where you find the atheists and darwinists. I find a significant difference with the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, engineering). I also find those soft sciences to be less intelligent. Mathematicians are in between in my experience. Most of the genius mathematicians are too busy trying to find their keys to contemplate God.

  • Answers Research Journal has a flurry of articles on the ‘dominion mandate




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