Recommended Links Ild

Child Tracking and Monitoring: KidGuard

How Not to Report News or Why the US media is a racist European enclave

Yellow Peril and the American Dream

Seeing the Positives Only: Supposed “Hot Asian American Guys” on TV

  • Walking Dead: Feminized East Asian male who is also the willing victim of racism
  • The Neighbors: Alien in East Asian male body is used as a proxy to continue the Hollywood feminization of East Asian males
  • Go On: Bagger Vancian East Asian male
  • The Mindy Project: Creating another stereotype of the sexually available Indian female [for European males only] who fantasizes about European male penises [literally] and dates European males
  • Community: Danni Pudi is Indian/Polish i.e. not Asian
  • How exactly do 4 ‘Asians’ = take over TV?

More discussion on how worldview colours the interpretation of data for creationism and evolution and how speciation is not evidence for macro-evolution

Dale J. Stephens tells you what’s wrong with modern education:

I left college two months ago because it rewards conformity rather than independence, competition rather than collaboration, regurgitation rather than learning and theory rather than application. Our creativity, innovation and curiosity are schooled out of us. Failure is punished instead of seen as a learning opportunity. We think of college as a stepping-stone to success rather than a means to gain knowledge. College fails to empower us with the skills necessary to become productive members of today’s global entrepreneurial economy.

Careful how you use science Mr. Atheist

The Pornography Culture by David Hart

Recommended reading for atheists: Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and its Fashionable Enemies by David Hart (2009)

Recommended Film: The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011): a beautiful supernatural Chinese love story (dir. Ching Siu-tung)

Is abortion murder? Yes it is. Using mainly primary school science, the argument goes like this:

There are 3 natural states: life (plant, bee), non-life (rock, water) and dead (dead leaf, dead bee) which makes a process of elimination feasible. A zygote is the result of two forms of life (sperm, ovum). Thus a zygote is clearly not non-life. Is the zygote dead? No, because it exhibits GRIMNER [] and natural development. The zygote can die if the energy source ends (mother dies). Thus the zygote is life (or alive) as it can die and has been produced by life. But is it human? Yes, as it is produced only from human DNA stores (sperm, ovum). Thus the zygote is a human life.

A level-headed discussion on homosex marriage from Askthebigot’s blog.


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