John Carter (2012)

Source: Wikipedia

A former army captain Euro-American male John Carter finds an amulet which translates him to the planet Mars. He is a desirable heterosexual male and predictably finds a European-looking, scientifically-minded Martian princess love interest. He had a former European human wife and the movie is apt to display/promote his upper chest nudity [visual assault of European masculinity]. The movie is predicated upon the existence of male European-looking immortal creatures who pull the strings behind the scene, managing martian and earth histories for thousands of years. This of course, will change, because European male Carter desires it to be so [European males control the destinies of everyone theme].

Carter stands against an army of savage martian warriors BY HIMSELF and decimates them [the European male as innate warrior theme], two ‘good’  ethnic martian groups (one humanoid, the other with four hands) desire that he save their respective kingdoms [the European male as saviour theme].

He slays a large, angry, white ape-creature and gains the approval of the four-handed martial martians. Apparently not tired from fighting the ape, Carter then slays the present aggressive and very seasoned warrior king of the martians with ONE swing of his sword [for such is the might of the European male]. But then again, European males are quite apt at learning non-European warfare in a short time-frame (e.g. The Last Samurai).

He then goes by himself to free the good humanoid martian empire from the bad humanoid martians [the European male is self-sufficient and will overcome any challenge theme]. The four-handed aliens have nothing better to do that they give up their deeply embedded cultural way of not flying to mount an aircraft and come to Carter’s aid [for such is the might of the European male that he can inspire change to centuries old cultural traits in non-European aliens].

He proposes to the martian princess, she accepts [because marrying a commoner from another planet who you know for some weeks is so logical]. He thus becomes martian royalty [for such is the destiny of the European male: to rule non-Europeans as their king]. Blah blah more Euro-heterotica (see nomenclature).

Turns out that this movie is based on a book written by Edgar Burroughs, the man who gave us Tarzan, the European male who becomes king of the African jungle when native Africans couldn’t do the same, for such is the might of the European male that even wild animals can be subjugated by the strength and intelligence of the European male.


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