Recommended Links

  1. William Lane Craig gives a nuanced take on A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality,making a distinction between orientation and action.
  2. My latest discussion with two evolutionists on the blog New Discoveries & Comments About Creationism about worldview and scientific status (theory vs hypothesis).
  3. The mainstream US media has shown their liberal pro-abortionist stance in their selective non-reporting of the sordid fiasco of abortionist doctor Kermit Gosnell.
  4. The Extinction Protocol blog reports on more sinkholes in Russia and Portugal. Sinkholes are caused by slow soil demineralization causing structural collapse.If possible, one should check with your local geological departments to access the risk of where you live. For persons in the US state of Florida, download the Google Map of sinkhole incident reports (Excel and Arcview files also available) as there is no detailed database of prone areas.
  5. The Society for Petroleum Engineers (SPE) offers free on-demand webinars, if that’s your cup of tea.

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