Evolution 101 for Afrocentrists

As stated in the comments section of Blograju:

Even if homo sapien sapiens came from Africa, it does not mean that the Dravidians were “black Africans.” Dravidians may be genetically related to the original Africans and modern Africans may be also, but it does not follow (non sequitur) that Dravidians are descendants of Africans.

It only means that the Dravidians are descendants of the ‘original Africans’ who could have looked, acted and spoke Chinese. In other words, Dravidians = (original African) mutation #1 and modern Africans = (original African) mutation #2 thus Dravidians != Africans OR (original African) mutation #1 != (original African) mutation #2 regardless of the similarity.

Alternatively, it may be better to view mankind as siblings. Thus Africans are sibling to Dravidians etc and the Dravidians did not descend from an African tribe but co-evolved with modern Africans from an original group who lived in Africa. The original African situated group may not have been “black” but more likely brown given modern human skin tone biodiversity. Frankly, they probably looked more like modern Indians than Africans.

Additionally, I asked an Afrocentric blogger:

So once again, where are the ‘peer-reviewed genetics’ articles which show that Dravidians genetically (not linguistically, socially, or anthropologically or any of the social sciences) descended from Africans (and did not co-evolve with Africans)? Just one article would be fine. I’ll analyze it on my website where you would be free to comment and show me (and others) the scientific invalidity of my views.

So here is the analysis of his link: http://www.egyptsearch.com/forums/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=003217

The author is Clyde Winters PhD (Educational Psychology), MA (Linguistics/Anthropology), BA (Education: Social Science)

Winters, Clyde-Ahmad. 1985. The Proto-Culture of the Dravidians, Manding and Sumerians. Tamil Civilization 3(1): 1-9.

Not a genetics journal

Aravanan, K. 1976. Physical and Cultural Similarities between Dravidian and African. Journal of Tamil Studies 10: 23-27.

Not a genetics journal

B.B. Lal (“The Only Asian expedition in threatened Nubia:Work by an Indian Mission at Afyeh and Tumas”, The Illustrated London Times , 20 April 1963

Not a genetics journal

J.T. Cornelius,”Are Dravidians Dynastic Egyptians”, Trans. of the Archaeological Society of South India 1951-1957, pp.90-117

Not a genetics journal

U.P. Upadhyaya, “Dravidian and Negro-African”, International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics 5, no.1

Not a genetics journal


4 thoughts on “Evolution 101 for Afrocentrists

  1. Methinks that you are beginning to conflate the issue here…. we are arguing whether Dravidian civilization evolved directly from African civilization, and I asked ‘you’ to show me proof that it did not.

    • Here is your initial assertion: “How familiar are with the fact the your country of India was settled and founded by black African’s?” This assumes that the initial Dravidian population were black Africans. I am saying that this is not so but both the black African and black Dravidian simultaneously evolved from a brown skinned ancestor in Africa. You are correct that black Africans and Dravidians are related but they are not related by Dravidians descending from black Africans. I have never argued as you have asserted above so there is no need to provide you with proof. The burden of proof falls on he who asserts first.

    • The easiest proof that Dravidian Civilization did not come from African Civilization is that Indian populations already existed there way before ANY civilizations existed on this earth. Humans in India have ancestors who migrated out of Africa, but they did not migrate out of any existing African civilization.

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