Over/Under (2013)

As stated previously for the Elementary TV series:

… the first episode of a serial needs to establish the protagonist’s commonality with the audience so as to gain repeated viewership. It seeks to appease and affirm the cultural and ethnic sensibilities of the widest audience which in this case are heterosexual European males with an East Asian fetish…… It can be seen as a way of visually establishing European intellectual (and cultural) superiority, better known as Eurocentrism.


The main protagonist Paul Keller (Steven Pasquale) is a heterosexual European male (sexuality, ethnicity and gender) i.e. Hollywood’s holy trinity. He is a confident, sexually active, a risk taker who screwed a guy out of $85k and doesn’t feel any remorse for doing so.

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h00m40s14Within minutes he is sexually propositioned by an East Asian female who was a prior ‘interracial’ sexperience [uni-directional romance #1, unstable inter-ethnic relationship #1 (see nomenclature)]. He calls her a “leftover” (of his sexual odyssey) and further refers to her as “cut glass” while his European wife is a “diamond” [use East Asian female to hyper(hetero)sexualize European male while feminizing and relegating all East Asians as inferior to Europeans].

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h04m31s17He then has a ménage à trois with his “diamond” wife and a random European female he met a few minutes earlier (who cares about sexual disease?) [upper chest nudity, females are sex toys for the pleasure of European males, double heterosexualization of the European male].

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h08m30s90vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h11m47s11Two East Asian token males and one token African male are shown looking at him when he is fired. This scene is to signify that unlike him, non-Europeans males play by the rules because they are not confident enough to take major risk. He states: “A man afraid of risk is a man afraid of living.”

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-19h15m04s28Hyper-intelligent Italian European male Marino Puzzo (Anthony Carrigan) impregnates his African/American/European (mestiza) girlfriend Liliana (Sasha Sloan, who is Dominican) [uni-directional romance #2, refreshingly a STABLE inter-ethnic relationship #1].

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h30m16s64Token Japanese males: restaurant owner/chef Ichiro and his son, a waiter. Ichiro is a source of money for Keller to ‘invest’ [East Asians = source of money].

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-18h34m07s59Third round of heterosexualization: by upper chest nudity. Fourth round of heterosexualization: Keller gets a blowjob from his wife.

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-19h12m16s143Keller wife has previously sexed African/European male Oliver (Giancarlo Esposito) [unstable inter-ethnic relationships #2].

vlcsnap-2013-01-06-19h49m41s231Wealthy European male Victor Harmon-Castle has an East Asian boy toy named Brad. Note Brad’s ‘female reassuring hand’ on Victor’s shoulder [hyper-effeminization of the East Asian male as he is the passive homosexual].

The pilot opened with the hyper-sexualization of an East Asian female and almost to the end, it has the hyper-effeminization of an East Asian male. Additionally East Asians are the shown primarily as sources of money and both hetero- and homo-sexual fetishes for the benefit of European males.


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