Spot the Stupidity X


But the practice of modern science is overwhelmingly (methodologically) materialistic: supernatural explanations are dead ends that do not lead to further understanding.

The foundations of modern science were built by men who believed and employed supernatural creatio ex nihilo in their work such as Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Lord Kelvin, Louis Pasteur, Blaise Pascal, Matthew Maury, James Joule and others.

Did not the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians lead to the “further understanding” of the process of embalming the dead? Does Genesis 1 not explain why all of mankind is related? Even if Genesis is myth, does it not produce further understanding? Did Matthew Maury not use the Bible to discover ocean currents?

If indeed super-naturalist explanations were dead ends to understanding, then shouldn’t atheists have been the founders of modern science? This statement is not just stupidity, it is a brazen propagandist lie that makes light of ancient cultures and their science as well as many of the founders of modern Western science.


Scott, Eugenie C. 1997. Anti-evolutionists Form, Fund Think Tank. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 17(1): 25-26. [Available online:]


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