Spot the Stupidity IX

What’s wrong with the following?

What the creationists overlook is that before the publication of Origin of Species nearly everyone was a creationist — scientist and layman alike — and that a few years later, nearly everyone, scientist and layman alike, had become an evolutionist.

For these assertions to be correct, there would have been two comprehensive global surveys on people’s beliefs on the origin of life, one of which would have been before Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. There hasn’t been any.

The author is unconsciously displaying Westernized ethnocentrism where he assumes that only Westerners constitute the world or that only the view of the Western world matters in science. Either way, poor logic.


Siegfried, Robert. 1998. Evolution as a Heuristic. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 18(4): 20-21. [Available online:]


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