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GROUPS: Afrocentrists, Scientists.

After initial emails were unsuccessful at eliciting responses, two subsequent emails were sent today to find out where two Afrocentrists obtained their PhDs. They are Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson (psychologist) and Dr. Ivan Van Sertima (African Studies?).

Even if they both have legitimate PhDs, neither seems to have published even one article in their area of expertise in a non-partisan (i.e. non-Afrocentric) peer-reviewed journal.

Perhaps the question that should be asked is: Do Afrocentrists publish in non-partisan peer-reviewed journals and if so, to what degree?

2012-09-26: The organization for Ivan Van Sertima has responded that he has been conferred a Doctor of Humane Letters (DHL) which is an honorary PhD, from Sojourner-Douglass College (an Afrocentric college). They do however, continue to refer to him as Doctor Van Sertima. He was conferred another DHL from Medgar Evers College according to a Rutgers webpage. Medgar Evers College has an African-American heritage.

Both Sojourner-Douglass College and Medgar Evers College do not offer advanced degrees in archaeology or ancient history. Medgar Evers does not offer any advanced degrees. Sojourner-Douglass only offers two master’s degrees in Applied Social Sciences and Political Campaign Management. Yet they both awarded an honorary PhD to someone for his Afrocentric contribution to archaeology and ancient history.

2013-06-06: Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson obtained his PsyD from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010. From a Youtube description: he “received his bachelors and masters degrees from Millersville University of Pennsylvania while studying psychology and political science.”


2 thoughts on “PhD Afrocentrists

    • No problem Tamara. Unfortunately, it took a long time to find out information for the two mentioned above and there are other “Dr” Afrocentrists with questionable degrees.

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