Spot the Stupidity VIII

Selling science myths, from Time magazine’s Healthland:

Akin apologized, but he wasn’t the first and unfortunately won’t be the last elected official to wade foolishly into the realm of science, where facts, and not ideology, take precedence.

Science SHOULD be about facts. However, it is often about ideology. Even in engineering, a journal editor who espouses a hypothesis will hinder the publication of a competing hypothesis. Or the lecturer who will fail his own student’s final year project [causing the student to repeat another year of work, pay more school fees and have their GPA greatly deflated] because said student used a method of a departmental colleague whom he dislikes.

DYNAMIC: Politicians should not be expected to be scientific. Sadly, neither should scientists or engineers.

SOURCE: Park, Alice. 2012. ‘Legitimate Rape’? Todd Akin and Other Politicians Who Confused Science. Time: Healthland. [Accessed: 2012-09-09].


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