Spot the stupidity II

HINT: See emboldened text and try to find a non-sequitur:

Yet, when ethnic identities are being played out onscreen for purposes of entertainment, the problem of stereotypes inevitably arises. During the Q-and-A portion of the panel, some audience members expressed concern over some representations of Jews that could be seen as offensive. ……
Another man said he is bothered by the Ari Gold character on “Entourage,” a Jewish Hollywood agent who engages in some of the most “horrific anti-Asian, anti-gay slurs.” These examples brought up the deepest worry of most Jews in the room: Should Jewish storytellers depict Jews in any kind of negative light?

Source: Berrin, Danielle. 2008. Doing Jews right on TV—for better or worse. Jewish Journal. [accessed: 2012-08-13].


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