Jonah Hex (2010)

GROUPS: Africans, Americans, Chinese, Euro-Americans and Europeans.

See nomenclature for terminology.

  1. Violent, hetero-sexualized European male Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) has an American wife and a son (uni-directional American miscegenation theme, European masculinization theme)
  2. For absolutely no reason, American shamans save Hex’s life twice giving him necromantic power (the spiritist American theme)
  3. African male named Smith (Lance Reddick) helps Hex with obtaining ammunition (token African theme, bagger vance theme)
  4. European prostitute Lilah (Megan Fox) is actually a Euro-American named Tallula with an American mother (uni-directional American miscegenation theme, mestizo sexualizing theme)
  5. Stephen S. Chen is credited as the “old Chinese guy” (token Chinaman theme)

Even the comic book story of Jonah Hex has two instances of the uni-directional American miscegenation theme (White Fawn, Tall Bird), the jealous/angry American male theme, the cheating American male theme, the pinkface saviour theme, the uni-directional Asian miscegenation theme, the bait with racism: switch with stereotype theme, and the dead Asian male theme.

DYNAMICS: Hollywood will re-hash racial stereotypes to maintain Eurocentric supremacy. Hollywood is thus a form of mental colonization and needs to be changed or dismantled.


6 thoughts on “Jonah Hex (2010)

      • You’re welcome. That’s a pretty good review. It’s funny how people don’t catch a lot of the racial insults in films. Hollywood is very slick about it. Are you of Chinese decent? The reason I ask is I was wondering,how do you feel about films like The Last Samurai? I’ve noticed a lot of films have the “white savior” theme a lot. Where the white guy comes to save the people of color. This theme seems to come up quite a bit.

      • Nice article. The white man is always saving the poor helpless Indians,blacks and I noticed the same pattern in films like Avatar,Dancing with Wolves and Pocahontas. They just change the titles and names of the characters but the same theme is always there.

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