Spot the Stupidity

From Israel’s Top Ten Names in Hollywood:

Perhaps the most well-known Israeli Arab actor outside of Israel, Ali Suliman has built a successful career branching out beyond the Hollywood stereotype of a Middle Eastern villain.

The 33-year-old native of Nazareth studied at the prestigious Yoram Levinstein Acting School in Tel Aviv, where he graduated in the year 2000. He then joined the Commedia Dell’Arte Masks Theater group in London, before taking a position as an acting teacher back in Israel.

His big break came in 2005 when he portrayed the lead character in the acclaimed terrorist-themed drama Paradise Now, which won a Golden Globe award for Best Foreign Film. His harrowing portrayal of Khaled, a young Palestinian man who drifts casually into a suicide-bombing mission, helped Suliman land a role in Peter Berg’s counter-terrorism thriller The Kingdom (2007) alongside Jamie Foxx. In addition to key roles in Israeli films The Syrian Bride and The Lemon Tree, Suliman is scheduled to appear in Ridley Scott’s upcoming political thriller Body of Lies.

So what are these movies about?

  • Paradise Now: Middle Eastern terrorists
  • The Kingdom: Middle Eastern terrorists
  • Body of Lies: Middle Eastern terrorists

And the logic is:

A “successful career branching out beyond the Hollywood stereotype of a Middle Eastern villain” = not playing a terrorist in movies centered around Middle Eastern terrorism.


Israel21c. 2010. Israel’s top ten names in Hollywood. [accessed: 2012-07-07].


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