“White Jews” and Asian Penises

Alex Tichauer is a self-described “White Jew” who on the UA Tonight with Mike Brilliant Show of February 22, 2012, performed a Jeremy Lin sketch where he stalked Asian male students of the University of Arizona (AZ) calling them “Jeremy.” Finding an Asian female student, he then proceeded to ask her about her previous sexual experience with an Asian male.

Tichauer: So I have to ask, was that all you know [rubs fingers together to indicate smallness] eek oou eek oou stereotype true?

Female student: It was true in this case.

Tichauer: In this case!? well that’s 1 for 1 so that seems to be 100% all cases to me, that’s just me.

So by that logic, Jews are all racists using Tichauer as ‘1 for 1’ evidence. The 8asians website also reports that he:

… manages to touch on almost every negative Asian American stereotype that I can think of. From “Asians look alike” and “Asian men have small penises” to “Asians eat dogs,” he is very thorough.

Tichauer, is a UA Journalism major and song leader at a synagogue in Arizona. He has been selected to be a FACE (Fellowship for Advancing Campus Engagement) intern for the UA Hillel Foundation which “… facilitates the development of a vibrant, diverse, meaningful, and empowered Jewish community at the University of Arizona.” Tichauer can be seen standing next to Meryl Press, an Asian female who is perhaps a converted Jew.

Email sent to mblumenb@email.arizona.edu

Dear Sir,

I strongly object to Alex Tichauer being named a FACE intern due to a racist anti-Asian sketch on the UA Tonight with Mike Brilliant Show of February 22, 2012.

Further details can be found here: http://www.8asians.com/2012/03/12/racist-jeremy-lin-skit-dims-the-mike-brilliant-show

Response: None to date.


2 thoughts on ““White Jews” and Asian Penises

    • Well, one needs to actually have a rigorous definition of “Jew” before one can make claims of being “losers”. I have yet to find a definition that I can digest.

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