Ethnic Logic

There are many instances of simplistic ethnic logic, here are some examples and explanations.

“Among the six new series in the fall, only one — “The Playboy Club” — has a minority in a leading role (Cuban-American actor Eddie Cibrian).” (Braxton 2011).

  • Cibrian is an ethnic Spaniard born in Cuba, he is not a minority. Antonio Banderas is also not a minority.

“In other instances, the term Hispanic has been used to define any person with a Spanish surname, opening the label to include Caucasians from Spain to Orientals from the Philippines. Clearly, this has become a bewildering human category. ” (The Hispanic Myth n.d.).

The author seems to be bewildered. Asians in the West do not like being referred to as “Orientals” nor are the people of the Philippines only Asian. There are Eurasians and Afro-Asians (from the indigenous Negrito). While the author does not like having “Hispanics” dumped into one race category, he proceeds to do just this for Asians. Not everyone accepts Eurasians as Asians especially many indigenous Asian populations. Most Asians would not categorize themselves with Negritos either.



Braxton. Greg. 2011. Concerns about lack of minorities in NBC’s family: Latino groups raise an issue with KNBC, and NBC’s fall schedule shows a reversal from characters’ ethnic diversity last season. [accessed: 2012-05-20].

The Hispanic Myth. n.d. Myth: Hispanics are a single race. [accessed: 2012-05-20].


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